Light Experiments

logo 10 smlIt’s important for me to be able to embed lights into the frozen forms. This is a period of experimentation to see how successfully I can do this. The transparency of the material leads me to look closer at it, almost searching for an imaginary landscape inside the heart of the ice. I find ice is very similar to other materials I have used in the past like glass, mirror and pulp. When light enters the artwork it makes the edges more defined and frees the boundaries between artwork and the surrounding space.

zero celsius lights 2

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Dove nasce l’ispirazione di Irma

logo 10 smlLa ascolto parlare e posso immaginarla, lì, a camminare nel silenzio mentre nevica, con i piedi che affondano nel bianco infinito e l’anima travolta da un assordante silenzio. La vedo fissa a guardare l’orizzonte che diventa, davanti ai suoi occhi, sempre più vivido e sempre più vicino.

Irma mi parla, e io vedo quel cielo azzurro puro del cielo che si posa sul profilo nitido della montagna, quella montagna che, fin da bambina, vedeva ogni giorno sbucare finestra della sua camera.

Una montagna ogni giorno presente, immobile eppur ogni giorno diversa, con colori che cambiano costantemente e repentinamente, quei famosi colori  che la gente delle Dolomiti conosce bene. Come conosce bene quel cielo di notte, di un buio nero intenso, ma illuminato dalle milioni di stelle della via Lattea, e, ogni tanto, da qualche lunga e lenta stella cadente.


Dalla finestra di casa mia nelle Dolomiti

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Paper making at the Canal Museum

I’ll be doing paper making at the London Canal Museum on Sunday 28th July using pulp mixed with edible plants such as artichoke, rhubarb and nettle. Come along and join in – all ages welcome.

paper making workshop 01

paper making workshop 02

There’s a small entry fee to the museum – details here – and there’s no extra charge for the paper making.

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watermark 06Rising water levels – evident even along the local London canals – is the theme of a series of paper pulp works, a selection of which I’m showing at the London Canal Museum. As well as signifying the water line, the title refers to the ‘watermark’ effect incorporated in each of the paper pulp works, achieved by varying the thickness of the fibre during the making process.

An installation of melting and dripping ice is also on show, where hanging paper becomes tinted through capillary action. The short video work, Sciogliere e ritrovare, can be seen on the ground floor.

I’ll be demonstrating techniques and running a paper-making workshop using edible plants on Sunday 28 July, 11:00 to 16:00 with the chance to make your own paper.

The exhibition continues until 31st July.

watermark 07

In queste due insallazioni  l’arte incontra la scienza.

Watermark 7 - 31 x 54 cm 2013watermark 05

I marchi d’acqua alta erano molto piu evidenti nel inverno 2012/2013 e camminando lungo il canale mi hanno portato a fare lavori su marchi nella carta che possono essere intesi in due modi – I marchi come luce e i marchi come livelli di misure nell’acqua. Presto la carta diventera privilegio.

Oltre sono esposti due altre opere, un’installazione, Acqua, colore e ghiaccio (azioni capillari) e un video installazione dove le  poesie di Frances Presley si intrecciano con il ghiaccio (climate change).

watermark 04

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Ice Poetry – Sciogliere e ritrovare

Installation work Sciogliere e ritrovare at the Art on Ice event for Museums at Night, London Canal Museum, Saturday 18th May. The work features stills and film footage projected onto blocks of ice embedded with fragments of text. Audio includes poetry by Frances Presley.

sciogliere e retrovare 13

sciogliere e retrovare 01 sciogliere e retrovare 04 sciogliere e retrovare 08 sciogliere e retrovare 10sciogliere e retrovare 15 sciogliere e retrovare 14 sciogliere e retrovare 16 sciogliere e retrovare 17sciogliere e retrovare 07 sciogliere e retrovare 12 sciogliere e retrovare 11 sciogliere e retrovare 18

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Art of Ice – London Canal Museum

I’ll be showing my new work, Sciogliere e ritrovare, at the London Canal Museum for the Museums at Night event on Saturday 18th May. The installation is an exploration of climate change using images and film-footage shot in and around London, incorporating audio of two pieces by the feminist poet Frances Presley, with fragments of the poems embedded in shapes of ice.

The video Città Ideale will also be shown on the night, as well as Icicle, a collaboration with paper engineer John O’Leary.

Sciogliere e ritrovare 1

The Ice Wells at the London Canal Museum come alive on the night of 18th May with film installation, painting, poetry, ice sculpture and photography. Arts on Ice is a night at the museum exploring the depths of the ice wells and ice trade Iciclewhich operated from the building during the 19th Century. Full details of the event can be found here.

A range of artists from Islington and further afield exhibit ICY works of art at the London Canal Museum– ice sculpture, film installation, painting, poetry and photography – the museum is transformed into an Ice Palace to the arts. Descend into the ice wells – 5.30 – 7.30pm. Suitable for fit, suitably shod, over 10s (vertical ladder descent) Bookable on the night – limited numbers. Licensed bar will be open from 7.30pm Entry £5.

Full details here.

How to get there.

Sciogliere e ritrovare 3

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Art of March

‘Art of March’ 2013 is now live on the London Underground, featuring works of 20 outstanding international artists across the capital’s tube stations, including Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Sloane Square, and Pimlico.  All the artworks are also being unveiled as framed prints at White Space as part of ‘Your Mind: A user’s Guide’ on the evening of 12th March sponsored by Courvoisier and Genesis Imaging.

My work, Il colore e di chi lo sa canzonare, can be seen at St Pauls, Platform 1 Westbound.
My profile page on Art Below can be found here –

art below 01art below 03art below 02

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